Narwhal Schuylkill – Rockfish Red

£50.00 ex VAT

Stonecott Fine Writing Supplies Ltd are proud to be the first UK stockist of these pens

The gorgeous Schuylkill fountain pen is emerging American/Chinese brand Narwhal’s latest offering. This model was launched at the LA Pen Show in February 2020 and now comes equipped with brand new in-house developed nibs in either Fine or Medium. September 2020 sees the launch of several new colours in the range, including this stunning Rockfish Red.

This pen is compatible with the existing Flex nib and, like it’s older brother the Narwhal Original, these are easy to swap out, an operation which can be seen on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Narwhal make everything in-house themselves, including the nibs, which is unusual for a start-up in this industry, but judging by the impression they have already made the extra work is paying dividends!

With its ink window, to allow sight of the contents, this stunning piston-filler is comparable in value and quality to established offerings from TWSBI and sits alongside that company’s Diamond 580 range in price.



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