BENU Talisman – Wild Rose Limited Edition

Depicted in romantic movies and novels as the most commonly recognized symbol of love, we couldn’t think of a more suitable flower than the wild rose as the inspiration behind our special St. Valentine’s Day edition pen. With a legacy of legends and myths that claim its origins, the rose has been used throughout history in love potions, spells and enchantments. So, how exactly did this romantic flower come to earn its fame as the flower of love?

The rose dates back as far as 5000 years ago, when its cultivation was thought to have begun in China – although fossil evidence suggests that this ancient flower existed over 35 million years ago. With its extensive history, it’s no surprise that this enchanting flower appears in a string of ancient stories and folklore.

One Greek story tells the tale of Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty and love, as she emerged from the sea adorned with beautiful pure white roses. Upon learning of the tragic death of her lover, Adonis, her tears stained the white roses a deep blood red – the colour we associate with the romantic rose today.

Fast forward to more recent times, roses are used in modern-day love spells, with Tarot readers believing this flower to represent promise, hope, balance, and new beginnings. Even today, it is not uncommon to find rose-flavoured tea, which historically was used in special infusions to induce dreams of one’s future mate.

So, from Greek myths to modern-day love potions, this prickly shrub has made quite the stir in the flower world and beyond. If you consider yourself a fan of flowers, we’re sure that Wild Rose, our most romantic pen yet, will not disappoint!

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