BENU Talisman – Dragon’s Blood

Known historically as Sanguis Draconis, Dragon’s Blood has been used in magic rituals and alchemy for centuries.

Ancient traders obtained it from small islands, where the dragons were believed to dwell. However, the magical blood wasn’t yielded directly from the dragons, but from a genus of curious trees – the most famous species in horticulture was named Dracaena Draco, otherwise known as the Dragon Tree.

The bright red resin that is obtained from Dracaena Draco is surrounded by many ancient myths and legends, one of which is the thrilling tale of the battle between Hercules and Ladon:

As the Ancient Greek Legend has it, Ladon, a serpent-like dragon, was sent by Hera, the Queen of Heaven, to protect the sacred fruit that she had gifted to Zeus. The hotheaded Hercules was sent on the dangerous task of stealing the Hesperides apples, with the fierce dragon on-guard close by. Against all odds, the mighty Hercules slayed the ferocious Ladon, and the dragon’s blood spilled out over the land, sprouting ‘dragon’ trees. These Dragon Trees, with their long, slender trunks and prickly leaves, continue to bleed the death of Ladon with an oozing, reddish sap whenever cut.

In old Europe, Dragon’s Blood became a vital component in the alchemical arts and the concocting of magical potions. During the Middle Ages it was used to make healing potions or to mark armor invulnerable and weapons unbreakable.

Today, Sanguis Draconis continues to be used by the sorcery crowd. Some people still believe that this resin is a cure for all – to heal fevers and ulcers, and as a useful magical tool for protection.

For those who have lost themselves in the magical worlds of Tolkien and Rowling, Dragon’s Blood stands as a living example of these fantastic legends.

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