BENU Briolette – Luminous Dream

A beautiful gemstone deserves a beautiful cut! To highlight the visual appeal of the material BENU created models that have their entire body covered with long facets. Each cut gives the pens specific shapes that prevent them from rolling and enables the true colour and brilliance of the material to emerge.

The collection offers fountain pens that can be used with both international standard converters and long cartridges, with a Schmidt converter supplied with each pen, at no extra cost.

The new Luminous Dream fountain pen glows beautifully in the dark and semi-dark after exposure to light for just an hour. A sustained vivid glow lasts for up to 12 hours, fading gradually over time. The fluorescent luminous paints used in the pen are completely free from radioactivity and any potential hazards.

Glowing colour: Green

This pen will fit the luminous pen holder available at the following link (click here)

Pre-orders are now being accepted – please note that there will be a wait of three or four weeks before these pens arrive with you as they are not expected with us until mid-November

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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