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Mental Health, Wellbeing and Mindfulness are subjects that we feel strongly about and we are delighted to announce our partnership with Phoenix Life and Wellbeing Coach Zoe Thompson to bring her popular Phoenix Journal Planner to a wider audience.


Do you feel like everything is out of control and whilst you are ready to make some changes you have no idea where to start?

Do you want to make improvements to your life but struggle to stay on track?

Do you feel drained and know that you need to take more care and focus on yourself?

Do you have goals that you want to achieve but don’t know how to achieve them?

If you answered YES to any, or all, of these questions then this is the planner for you.

A nice pre-formatted alternative to bullet-journalling, the Phoenix Planner & Journal encompasses tools and strategies that Bristol-based Lifestyle & Wellbeing Coach Zoe Thompson uses with clients.

Zoe is an NLP Master Practitioner (INLPTA) with over 10 years of coaching and mentoring experience and additional qualifications in weight management and diet & nutrition who works with clients through a variety of challenges and goals, many of whom require similar tools and strategies to help them make small steps of change and stay consistent.

You can find out more about Zoe and the services she offers at the Phoenix website here

Zoe created the Phoenix Planner to give clients a place to record the actions they take to get them closer to their goals but you don’t have to be a coaching client to use the journal and benefit from having the tools, structure and accountability it provides.

All you have to do is commit a small amount of time, maybe as little as 10 mins per day, to working through the journal to help you take those first steps of change.  The journal is undated so you can start on whichever day feels best for you.

It’s all laid out for you in the order you need it to be in. Just open it up, work through it and you will start making those changes that will make the difference you are looking for.

The Planner includes pages to:

  • Set your goals for the 12 months ahead

  • Break down into tasks for each quarter

  • Break down further into tasks for each month

  • Set priorities and plan for each week and each day

  • Record daily gratitudes & successes, track your goals and journal your thoughts & ideas

If you’re tired of getting to the end of each year and not having achieved what you wanted to, then this is the product for you.

Should you find that you need, or would like, more support then why not check out the group online coaching programmes offered by Phoenix at this link here

You can also find out more about Phoenix by visiting their website at this link

Zoe has recently loaded some new content onto the Phoenix website; the following activity sheets are available from as little as £4.99, at the links below:

7 Day Nutrition Challenge

Changing Your Career

Improving Meal Planning

Wheel Of Life

Understanding Your Values

Understanding Your Beliefs

Understanding Your Human Needs

Managing Your Response

Goal Setting To Achieve Success

Challenging Your Comfort Zone

As and when any new content is added we will try and update this page and our blog with the details

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