Stonecott Fountain Pen Cleaning & Maintenance Kit

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A bespoke cleaning & maintenance kit for your fountain pens, this kit includes the following:

1 bulb syringe, for pushing water/cleaning fluid through the nib and feed at a higher pressure for more effective cleaning

1 cleaning brush, for deep cleaning of the nib and feed when disassembled

1 5ml vial of Diamine Nib Cleaning Fluid, for those times when water just doesn’t do a good enough job

1 rubber grip sheet, to aid in nib and feed dis-assembly for deep cleaning

The kit also contains 2 10ml syringes & 2 blunt needles to allow for easier filling of converters

Instructional videos on the use of the constituent parts of this kit will be found shortly on the “Videos” page of our website. A link will also be included here

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