Having been formerly based, and founded, in Moscow 2022 saw BENU taking the bold step to move to Armenia following the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces. The company took a very brave stand against this illegal act of war by Putin and spoke out against the action, with the co-founder and Chief Designer Alex even being arrested at an anti-war protest! We here at Stonecott support and applaud BENU’s extremely brave and daring stand against Putin and subsequent move out of Russia.

BENU is a producer of concept-driven, handmade writing instruments. BENU’s story began in January 2016 when the co-founders, Alex Semanin and Kate Dmitrieva, decided to join forces to set up а new creative concept. Right from the start, the aim was clear: to make writing instruments and desk accessories for these who prefer bright colors and new designs that are playful, stylish and fun.

BENU pens are designed and handcrafted in the company’s own Yerevan-based production facility in Armenia. Each part of the pens is made in-house, except for nibs, rollerball refills, ink cartridges and converters. All BENU fountain pens come with stainless steel or gold-plated stainless steel Schmidt nibs.

Creative shapes and a broad color palette are the key characteristics of the BENU collection. The designers and artisans take great care to create materials of vibrant colors and diverse textures. Prior to assembly, each part of the pens is a subject to a series of technical, mechanical and visual inspections to verify its accuracy, durability and overall appearance. Before being dispatched the pens undergo a final quality control check covering both visual and functional aspects. The company only allows pens that meet the highest quality requirements to be shipped to its customers.

Each fountain pen is supplied with an ink converter to allow the customer to utilise whichever bottled ink they desire.

Stonecott currently stocks a variety of nib sizes across the various collections but space constraints prohibit us from being able to stock all nib sizes in all models. If the nib size/model combination you desire is not currently in stock please contact us using the “Contact us” facility and we will endeavour to accommodate your wishes.