BENU fountain pens are designed and handcrafted in the company’s production facilities based in Moscow, Russia.
A broad and vivid color palette is the key characteristic of the BENU collection.
Every part of these stunning pens is made in-house, except for the nibs, ink cartridges and convertors.
While all BENU fountain pens come with a stainless steel Schmidt-branded nib, manufactured by either JoWo or Bock, several of the models have these gold-plated.
Each pen is also supplied with an ink converter to allow the customer to utilise whichever bottled ink they desire.
Stonecott currently stocks a variety of nib sizes across the range but space constraints prohibit us from being able to stock all nib sizes in all models.
If your preferred nib/model combination is not currently in stock you can request that it be ordered for you; either by adding a note to your order or by submitting a request via the “Contact” form.
NB – any such requests will be subject to a longer delivery time.