Dingbats Ātopen

Ātopen, or Artpen, is the latest addition to the Dingbats brand crafted all the way from Japan to get you the best in quality and style.

Ātopen comes in two sets of six colours, Primary and Pastel, with two tips and water-based pigment ink. A flexible brush tip and a fine tip in every marker make them ideal for calligraphy, art drawings, colouring, fine art, illustrations, doodling, and journaling.

Please make sure to keep them horizontal

Other notable qualities of the Ātopen are:

Archival quality

Fade proof




Bleed Proof



And of course, best used with a Dingbats* Notebook!

Dingbats have a reputation for being eco-friendly and the Ātopen is no exception, they are fully recyclable! For more information on how to recycle the pens please click here

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