Welcome to Stonecott Fine Writing Supplies Ltd, a new online shop for fountain pens, ink and associated bits and bobs. We are proud to say that we are not only the first UK seller of both BENU and Narwhal fountain pens but have recently entered into an agreement with BENU to act as a UK Distributor for them, and with Narwhal to be their EXCLUSIVE UK distributor!

For further information on these lovely pens check out the BENU website here and the Narwhal website here

We are beginning to build a bit of a reputation for introducing fountain pen manufacturers to the UK market, and to that end we happily announce our latest partnership, with the Tailored Pen Company from Kentucky, USA.

These are superb quality, handmade pens featuring polished steel JoWo nibs, each with a unique colour scheme due to the handmade nature of the material. We think you’ll agree that these pens are particularly stunning, and hope you join us in welcoming the Tailored Pen Company to these shores!

Three BENU Hexagon fountain pens displayed on a desk with a notebook
Narwhal Original fountain pen in Merman Green, on a Narwhal Green Crab pen holder

We are also among the first UK sellers of Krishna inks; we currently stock the RC range and the Super Rich range. Krishna also produce several other ranges and we have plans to stock those in the future. For further information about Krishna inks you can view their website here.

Check out our “Shop” page for our range of fountain pens, and the full line up of our inventory

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!


I know last week we said that our new “Blog” page would be launched by the end of the week, but we hit a technical hitch and that’s been delayed a little. Rest assured we will publish the page, along with our account of the London Spring Pen Show, as soon as we can.

Apologies to those of you who were looking forward to reading our blog!


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